*The last three Pictures are of a smaller coop that we use for our own flocks(Nine hens and 1 rooster share that coop. Those pictures is just to show you how our chickens like their coop!)* These wonderful large chicken coops are 4 feet by 8 feet, and 4 feet tall. Good for 10 (large breed) to 12 (bantam) chickens. Roost bars (10 feet ), nests and egg doors are all included. They're all pr...
This is a transmission taken from a parts car. I don't really need it but figured someone else can use it - why let re-usable parts go to the crusher, right? Unfortunately, I can't attest as to its condition but do know that the bug's engine had a beat out bearing seat. It is likely that the transmission is still okay - problems unlikely travel in pairs like that, do they? I mention it bec...
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